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All of the trustees of the Gilbert M and Martha H Hitchcock Foundation board were either born and raised in Omaha or are lifelong Omahans.

Neely Kountze 
Board of Trustees  

Neely Kountze has served as President of the Board of Trustees of the Gilbert M and Martha H Hitchcock Foundation since 2005 and as a trustee for 40 years. A fifth-generation Nebraskan, he is grateful to continue on the legacy his great-aunt Martha Hitchcock initiated in partnering with some of the Omaha Metropolitan area's most dedicated nonprofits.

Additional trustees: John W. Webster, Elizabeth M. Kountze, Tower Kountze, Mary L. Kountze, and, James E. Landen. Not pictured: Hon. W. Russell Bowie , Edward D. Hotz  

Linda S. Guy serves as the invaluable assistant to the Hitchcock Foundation board.

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